Samsung Is Ready To Unveil NEON At CES 2020

Samsung Is Ready To Unveil NEON At CES 2020

Image: gsmarena

Samsung is ready to unveil its AI-powered product Neon at this year’s edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). 

Back in 2017, the company was announcing its AI-powered digital assistant Bixby and although it was first designed for the Galaxy S8, it will ultimately be available for a wider variety of smartphones and home appliances.

Developed by Samsung Technology and Advanced Research Lab with Pranav Mistry, known for the SixthSense and Galaxy Gear, the Neon is quite an exciting device to explore and it has nothing to do with Bixby. 

A few images posted by the company on Twitter entitled “Have you ever met an ‘ARTIFICIAL’?” suggests that users from different countries around the world will be able to interact with the device in different languages.

The AI-powered digital human will replicate the emotions and intelligence of real humans, as the company earlier confirmed.

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