Self-Driving Car Completes The Famous Goodwood Hill Climb

Credit: Roborace

Roborace has been out to prove the superiority of their self-driving cars on the racetrack for a while now, they even put one of their vehicles into the Formula E electric car racing season a year ago.

Their car back then, the DevBot, raced against pro drifter Ryan Tuerck. Roborace apparently asserted after the event that their vehicles, tuned up with computer vision and LiDAR, will be able to outperform human drivers by the end of 2018.

Now that 2018 is inching closer to the its end, Roborace seems to be keeping true to their ambitions: their self-driving vehicle managed to complete the notorious Goodwood hill climb. The hill is a 300-foot ascent that also includes hay and brick-lined passages and it is tackled during the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Every year, some of the fastest cars out there take up the hill to see which one is the fastest. In a typical fashion to the festival, some crash, but Roborace had a story with a happy ending this year.

Of course, it was not a heads-on run, the Roborace vehicle was cautious and had to make the occasional correction, but nonetheless, the vehicle persisted, and reached its goal.

You can watch it conquer the hill in the video below, courtesy of the official Roborace YouTube channel.

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