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Snapchat Spectacles Receive Prescription Lenses For Longer Wear

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If you’re wearing prescription glasses, the prospect of buying Snapchat’s Spectacles isn’t so appealing as some may think. Between choosing to see the world around you and recording videos when the mood strikes, you’d rather go for the first. One lens manufacturer understood that just in time to release prescription lenses for Spectacles #objectmagic

Glasses USA offers single-vision lenses that can be easily attached to the Spectacles frames. They’re not the first to come up with this product, but they are retailing them for prices starting from $29, plus free shipping. Lenses can be ordered online and assembled at home, by the customers, as they come with instructions. All are customizable and the range includes progressive ($139) and bifocal ($99) lenses as well. 

Upon ordering, you can select special coatings for additional costs.. Also, you can opt for “digital block” lenses (which filter out the blue rays emitted from digital devices), “photochromic” lenses that adjust from light to dark or prep for summer with sunglasses.

If you don’t have a pair of Snapchat’s Spectacles and want one, you can go take a look at their pop-up store in Manhattan. Here, you’ll find several vending machines packed with $130 360-degree video-recording glasses. Plus, the Snapbot machine (the one that looks like a minion) is still on the road, showing up in unexpected places.

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