Snapchat's Snap Kit to Bring Even More Ads on the Platform

Snapchat’s Snap Kit to Bring Even More Ads on the Platform

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Never one step behind Instagram, Snapchat now has even more ways to monetize the social media platform.

Snapchat just announced Snap Kit, a suite that allows developers to integrate Snapchat into their app and the other way around.

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“Creative Kit helps developers integrate their own stickers, Filters, links, and other highlights — like high scores and workout stats — right into the Snapchat camera, so you can add your own touch and share it with friends.

Login Kit lets you unlock new features on Snapchat and other apps — or use your Snapchat account as a quick, secondary way to log in.

Bitmoji Kit lets your conversations come alive with Bitmoji stickers when messaging on other apps.

Story Kit lets developers filter and embed publicly shared Snapchat Stories into their own apps and services,” explains the latest Snap press release.

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What you should expect from this is even more ads and monetizations, as brands can now tag products in their stories and even link Snaps to their online stores. Snap Kit has already been snapped out by platforms like Tinder, Patreon, and Eventbrite, with more to follow suit.

Meanwhile, Instagram has recently allowed publishers to add links to their products in Stories using Stickers.

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