Social Video and Project Lightspeed Are Just a Few Updates Facebook Is Cooking up for Messenger


Your Facebook Messenger is getting more exciting! Facebook revealed some of the features that the app’s new update will cover. Asha Sharma, director for Messenger consumer product, detailed these updates in her latest blog post.

One of the most exciting things could be Project LightSpeed, basically a rebuild Messenger which launches in only 2 seconds and is just 30MB in size. This version aims to offer full Messenger features for devices with limited RAM, which usually lacked full functionality.

However, we do not know when the feature will become available, as the company said it will take some time to roll it out.

Another great functionality that Facebook revealed is the Messenger Desktop, which users had been long waiting for. Messenger Desktop will now include group chat and video calls and is expected to drop in late 2019.

An important change Facebook is working on is the so-called ‘digital living room’ whose concept is to offer a more private space for users. Zuckerberg referred to it as a ‘dedicated space’ to explore content from their closed ones, like stories, videos or photos.

Watching a video together, in the same time, is another aspect which the digital living room idea may cover. The “social video concept” will work by sharing a video from Facebook to Messenger and inviting people to watch it with you. When this interesting feature will become available is not clear yet, though.

Another great aspect Sharma highlighted was Facebook’s plans for Messenger in terms of privacy. Apparently, the company is “committed to making Messenger end-to-end encrypted by default.”

“We are working to be world class for our community for the primary things that people expect in a messaging app” Sharma added.

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