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Someone Just Noticed That Microsoft Is Putting Ads in Windows 11 File Explorer

The beginning of the end for Microsoft or just another day for Windows users?

A Windows user and insider MVP noticed that Microsoft is testing putting ads into Windows 11’s File explorer, the default file manager in the operating system.

That’s right: it’s likely you’ll see ads in Windows 11 and not just in the start menu but also when just looking through folders.

The user who spotted this ad noticed an advertisement notification right above the list of folders and files inviting them to “write with confidence across documents, email, and the web with advanced writing suggestions from Microsoft Editor.” Others tried to replicate his findings and see if Windows 11 folder ads are a thing but they couldn’t notice anything out of order.

“BleepingComputer also tried replicating this on a system running the newest Windows 11 Insider build, but we didn’t get any File Explorer ads.

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This can likely be explained by Microsoft running an A/B testing experiment trying to gauge the success of such a feature or by the company disabling it after the visible user outcry,” writes the outlet. 

They also highlight that it’s not the first time the Windows File explorer ad placement is tested. Back in 2016, one user noticed a OneDrive ad in the default Windows app. So, what to do about ads in Windows 11? Hopefully Microsoft will allow you to turn off ads you find intrusive. If not, plenty of solutions are bound to come up.

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Someone Just Noticed That Microsoft Is Putting Ads in Windows 11 File Explorer
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