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Stuck In A “Sauna” This Summer? Bring This Cooling Cube With You!

Your office might be the only sanctuary this summer, if you don’t have an air conditioner at home. Or if it’s unconveniently placed in the livingroom when you spend all your free time in the bedroom. The solution is not a poor one-directional fan, but this cool(ing) cube that can ice an entire room #objectmagic

Geizeer is made up of wood, a perfect thermal insulator, a fan and an ice pack. The fan is very quiet and has 3 different rotational speeds. “The air is sucked from the grid in the upper half, cooled inside the cube and pushed out through the slots that divide it in half.”, explain the manufacturers. All you need to do is put the cooling elements in the cube, after keeping them in the freezer for a while, overlap the two halves and let it do its job. When you want to turn it off, simply switch the halves so they don’t match.

The sleek cube is eco-friendly and can be recharged via micro USB. It’s portable, efficient and it won’t cause headaches or stiff necks as an AC would. It costs just $85 and you can order one on Kickstarter. Delivery starts this fall, in September.

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