TCL Introduces The First Zero Eye Strain e-Ink Display In The World

TCL Introduces The First Zero Eye Strain e-Ink Display In The World

The zero eye strain display, in the tech world, was like the unicorn. You can see it in pictures, in theories, but not in real life. Thanks to TCL and the new NXTPAPER display technology, we are about to change the way we actually view display panels in the future.

TCL is one of the word’s best-selling consumer electronic brands out there, and every year the company, around IFA, presents the new tech and software lineup. This year we had some surprises, like a smartwatch, tablets, among the TCL NXTPAPER display technology.

So what is TCL NXTPAPER? According to the company, TCL combined a reflective screen with this new NXTPAPER tech to reproduce natural light on a display, reducing to almost zero the eye strain. Touted as the artistic combination of screen, paper, and two years of product research and design, as well as 11 patents for eye protection, the NXTPAPER, provides HD definition with a paper-like visual experience in full color, with no flicker, and no harmful blue light.

Compared with a traditional e-ink, the NXTPAPER has a 25% higher contrast, and when correlated to a typical LCD panel, is up to 36 percent thinner, resulting in a more slim device. This new e-ink display technology offers more than 65% in power efficiency, allowing for much better battery efficiency.

TCL stated that the new display was created specifically for larger format devices, such as tablets, allowing for smooth video playback which creates a better work and learning experience. E-Ink displays are more and more paper-like, and the reading experience is starting to evolve to the point we will not be able to distinguish between natural paper and e-ink. A few more advancements, maybe a breakthrough, and in some years, we will be able to see a new kind of e-ink display. One that can deal away with tree cutting forever.

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