TCL Wearable Display AND Foldable Phones Confirmed for IFA 2019

tcl foldable phone concepts
Image credit: TCL

TCL, the company that owns the Alcatel and Blackberry brands, is getting ready for IFA 2019 and planning quite a few surprises.

A press release from today just drummed up anticipation for next week’s IFA: it promises that TCL will show off the first smartphones released under its own name.

Even better, it all but confirms the leak from a few weeks back – yes, a TCL foldable phone is coming, the TCL T1 is real and 5G is on the roadmap.

TCL says that all the smartphones it will bring at IFA use displays from its sister company, CSOT, and promise to show off a few foldable phone concepts that use an entirely new DragonHinge system (TCL’s proprietary tech).

However, what really caught our eye is the “wearable display”, as this is something totally new, unspoiled by any leaks.

“What we have planned for IFA 2019 is an exciting glimpse into the future of TCL Communication – it comprises smartphones, 5G devices and entire new categories including the debut of our Project Archery wearable display,” said Stefan Streit from TCL.

He also added that “as one of the leading display manufacturers in the world, TCL will focus on

bringing our multimedia expertise to our mobile products.”

Considering that the company, not one of the usual headline suspects, just announced multiple foldable phones and perhaps even a wearable one, that statement kind of seems like an understatement.

In any case, IFA is just around the corner and TCL just jumped straight to the top of our “booths to visit” list, so stay tuned for our review of the newest foldable phones and exciting devices on the market.

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