Tesla Begins Production Of Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla solar tiles

Last May, Tesla opened preorders for home owners interested in upgrading or replacing their roof tiles with solar panels. Now, almost one year later, the company is finally beginning the production process #todaymagic

According to Reuters, Tesla workers have begun manufacturing solar roofs in the Buffalo, New York, factory. In the same time, teams have been sent to people that placed preorders to survey their homes. This step is necessary for the installation phase, later on.

Musk’ company announced the beginning of production last year, in summer. The process proved to be more complicated than initially thought and production was delayed. It seems that now, everything is back on track. Moreover, people can still place preorders with the same depost of $1,000.

Afterwards, you’ll have to decide how many solar tiles you want. You can opt for solar shingles that cover a maximum of 70% of your roof’s surface, with the rest of them imitating the rectangular design. There are different models, but all are coated in the same material that allows the sun to shine through but still looks opaque from a distance. It’s all about the point of view.

There’s an online calculator, if the idea appeals to you. This will help you see how much the roof will cost you in the end.

Don’t fret; Tesla says that their tiles actually cost less than the normal ones. One square foot is about $21.85 instead of the usual $24.50.



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