Tesla Just Opened Model Y Orders in the UK

Tesla Just Opened Model Y Orders in the UK

Although the initial plan was to begin Model Y deliveries in Europe after the manufacturer would have started producing them in Berlin Gigafactory it seems like Tesla will soon produce the Model Y to the UK. 

Tesla has brought Model Y EVs from its Shanghai stock facility to a few markets in Europe and already opened pre-orders for the EV in the UK. According to Elektrek, deliveries are supposed to start in early 2022:


‘You can now order Model Y in the UK. First deliveries expected in early 2022. With up to 315 mi (WLTP) of range, plenty of storage space and a medical‑grade HEPA air filter, Model Y is the ultimate combination of performance and utility. Model Y comes standard with Autopilot, Dual Motor All‑Wheel Drive, and premium interior.’

In terms of price, you can expect a cost of £45,825 ($63,000) without taxes, with 20% VAT turned into retail items, so you need to add the taxes of approximately £9,165. That means Model Y begins at £54,990 for the Long Range All-Wheel-Drive version, while the Performance one, would cost £64,990. Keep in mind the Enhanced Autopilot makes an additional cost of £3,400 and the Full Self-Driving Capability means £6,800.

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Tesla Just Opened Model Y Orders in the UK
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