Tesla Owners Might Soon Be Able To Customize Their Horns and Movement Sounds

Tesla Owners Might Soon Be Able To Customize Their Horns and Movement Sounds


Everyone wants their car to have that extra bit of something that just says that it’s their car and no one else’s. Some people opt for car stickers with often humorous messages or personalized license plates. But Tesla, apparently not done with the updates, has decided there is another way it can let the car owners give their vehicles some personalities. 

Elon Musk took to his favorite medium of communication, Twitter, to announce that Tesla vehicles will soon allow the owners to customize their horn and low-speed movement sounds.


While Musk did not share the official selection of sounds, he did tease that rushing wind, goat bleats and the coconut horse clops heard in Monty Python and the Holy Grail will be making an appearance. In case you didn’t know, Musk is actually a big fan of Monty Python, a British comedy group. 

As far as allowing the users to upload their own sounds, Musk said that he “will consider”. Of course, the law might not be in favor of this course of action, depending on what state or country’s roads you drive your car on. For example, the EU made is mandatory for electric vehicles to make a sound at low speeds in order to prevent accidents – of course, nobody mentioned what those sounds should be of. 

Musk however mentioned that a directional horn will also make an appearance, which will allow the drivers to honk backward if they need to, such as during the times they might be backing out of a parking spot. 

It all sounds like a lot of fun and games but we’re sure the critics will be on their way to dismantle this particular update when it will start rolling out. At the same time, we’re looking forward to all the clips accompanied by funny and ridiculous sounds that will inevitably make their presence known online. 

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