Tesla Owners Reportedly Locked Out Of Their Cars Due To Faulty App


Technology has its good sides and bad sides but truth is, a lot of us have gotten so used with it in many shapes and forms that we definitely take it for granted. Such is the case with the Tesla vehicles, more specifically the Tesla Model 3 which is not even the most expensive one the company offers yet it’s still chock-full of techy bits. 

The car has custom driver profiles, features autonomous driving and can even be controlled from a smartphone app, this last feature being one of its selling points. However, even this app has the possibility of failing, as a few Tesla owners have learned recently. 

To begin with, you have to know the the Model 3 doesn’t have a key or a key fob – the entire experience of dealing with the car happens via the companion smartphone app which allows you to perform a few remote operations such as unlocking the doors.

While they can access the car via physical keys, they have to tap the card on the door to open it as well as on the dash to start the car. So, of course, most Tesla Model 3 owners have gotten accustomed to use the app to gain access to their car.

Just that late on Monday, a number of Model 3 owners found themselves unable to drive their vehicle. Apparently, the Tesla app experienced some sort of outage, which left them locked out of their vehicles for hours. Some couldn’t even log into the app and those who did manage to found that no card were listed on it. 

Approaching the car made no difference – one Model 3 owner reported he had to wait for about three and half hours to gain access to their car. Most of them took their complaints to Tesla either via the dedicated phone numbers or on Twitter. 

Tesla also took to Twitter to ensure everyone that they are aware of the problem and are working on fixing it ‘ASAP’. Eventually, functionality was restored but Tesla still hasn’t clarified what exactly caused the issue yet. 

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