Tesla Racing Car Goes From 0-62mph In Just 2.1 Seconds

tesla model s

A while ago, Tesla set the standard for electrical cars that are speedy enough for most drivers on the road. It didn’t have to chance to excel in a race, though. This year, things are going to change as slightly modified P100D vehicles will race in the Electric GT championship #automagic

Tesla’s racing Model S cars shed off weight for the big championship by tearing down the interior. The screen and pieces that make it stop, steer and accelerate are all that’s left. Plus, “all the body panels are flared and flanged”, reports TopGear, to make it fit for tracks such as Nürburgring, Catalunya, Zandvoort, Mugello.

But “the muscle” is even more important to drivers. While the cars’ top speed is 155mph, its acceleration is what will give them an adrenaline rush. The P100D can go from 0-62mph in just 2.1 seconds! Not bad at all, right?

Each track will be covered twice a day (morning and evening), with 37 miles to complete per race. The drivers will have to do drive aggressively from the starting point – no time to catch their breath.

You will be able to watch the Electric GT championship from home, as it will be streamed on a number of websites, including YouTube.

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