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Tesla Released New Semi-Autonomous Features for Model S and Model X

tesla semi autonomous upgrades

After months of teasing and waiting, Tesla took the plunge and released the semi-autonomous car features announced months ago. The latest Model S and Model X cars are going to feature them #automagic

The Enhanced Autopilot big upgrade is finally here, ready to be put to good use on self-driving capable Tesla cars (HW2 series). If you forgot what you were so excited about when Elon Musk described them, here’s the deal:

    • You will have more control over the car, as the Autosteer function helps the vehicle navigate better on difficult roads
    • Smart Summon will make your life easier, as it can now handle curves too, not just straight lines
    • An automatic lane change feature is going to make sure you’re not slowed down by distracted drivers or beginners

The only caveat? Elon Musk says “some cars will require adjustment of camera pitch angle by service“. You’ll find out about that really quickly, but still, “be cautious”, says Musk.

Let’s hope the perks will outweigh this rocky launch.

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