Tesla’s New Electric Car Will Debut On March 31st For $35.000

tesla motors model s
Model S/Facebook. Tesla Motors

Tesla’s supporters (but not yet customers) will see their dream made reality at the end of March, when the company will debut its newest model, at about half the price of Model S. Model 3 will cost only $35.000.

In a financial release, Tesla has confirmed that reservations for the new model will begin on March 31st, though shipping will start in late 2017. That’s terrific news, considering the power and engineering behind Tesla vehicles and the net losses suffered – 320 million dollars! Still, Elon Musk is convinced it can stick to this price range before applying electric vehicle incentives.

Model 3 is meant to be lighter than the S, in order to ease manufacturing. We also know that the first cars will be extremely customized, so a basic model isn’t in the cards now. Things are looking good, as Powerwall units in Nevada are already at customers’ disposal and the factory is up and running.

Future plans: This year, Tesla wants to open 80 additional retail and service centers and add about 300 new Supercharger locations, a move that indicates Musk isn’t scared about its million dolar loss, but rather focuses on next month’s cash flow.




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