That Explains It: Apple Has 1,200 Quality Control Workers for iPhones, Android Only 100

One of those boring articles about supply chains just revealed a fascinating insight into why iPhones are so stable compared to Android phones.

If you know where iPhones are made, then you know it’s Foxconn who handles the production of Apple’s phones. Now, in a Bloomberg report about Foxconn’s change of leadership, the leader of the division handling iPhone production revealed just how stark the difference in quality control is between iPhone and Android.

“For Chinese Android phones, we only have to assign 100 workers per production line, but we need 1,200 for the iPhone,” said Michael Chiang, the new leader.

If you ever wondered why iPhones have such a good reputation for simply working with absolutely no bugs, as compared to Android phones, this is a very interesting figure to consider.

Of course, unlike Apple, most Android phone makers have more than 3 devices out each year, targeting most markets, from the budget headphone buyers to those who are only interested in flagships. Even though Apple might have expanded a lot with the Pros and the Maxes and the Minis, the company’s output isn’t comparable to a company like, say, Xiaomi.

Having fewer devices to focus on in terms of software optimization and by investing heavily in quality control, as Foxconn revealed, are two things that separate iPhones from the rest of the pack.

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That Explains It: Apple Has 1,200 Quality Control Workers for iPhones, Android Only 100



    January 24, 2023 at 12:41 pm

    Quality control has gone very bad for iphone 14 pro/pro max.
    Just received mine last week(17/01) and the screen has a bubble underneath the glass.
    They didn’t assemble the oled panel right.
    Such a defect you wouldn’t see in an android phone that costs 200$.
    Apple doesn’t accept DOA products so the reseller has send it to the official apple service.
    The result is I paid 1500 euros for an iphone that is problematic and I have no phone.
    Also I don’t know what and when the official service will decide(a repair maybe).
    So even if they have 2000 quuality control workers the result is unacceptable.

  2. Gregory Frech

    July 8, 2023 at 6:06 pm

    Yes and now we know why Apple phones cost more: just using the infor in the article, a thousand “quality control” inspectors add a lot more cost than 100 for android phones for starters. Do a search for Dr. W. Edwards Deming to see why inspections only add to cost and do nothing to improve the manufacturing processes. When you have to make more phones to meet demand because so many of them fail before being delivered: this is not quality control; it is defective product screening. It is what it is.

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