The CIA Uses Instagram To Teach Russians How To Spill State Secrets

An unusual use of social media? On Monday, the CIA made an Instagram post teaching Russians how to spill state secrets safely.

The post was written in Russian and contained instructions on how to download the Tor browser, which offers secure and private connections, to connect to CIA’s channel. It also included other security tips like keeping browsers updated, using private browsing modes, and avoiding free VPNs and VPNs based in some regions.

“Do not use a VPN whose provider is based in Russia, China, or any other countries that are considered unfriendly to the United States,” the CIA warned.

CIA Instagram post with instructions to connect to TOR

Addressing Russians in their native language, the post was designed to reach “those who feel compelled by the Russian Government’s unjust war.”

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The move comes after some Russians tried to get in touch with the CIA recently, to help deliver information that could stop the war in Ukraine.

“Concerned Russians are trying to engage the CIA, and we wanted to provide a way to safely contact us,” a CIA official told The Washington Post.

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The CIA Uses Instagram To Teach Russians How To Spill State Secrets

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