The End of Windows 7 Is Near, Microsoft Announced

The End of Windows 7 Is Near, Microsoft Announced


Latest market share statistics show that 36.43% of users still have Windows 7 as their operating system whilst 44.1% are using Microsoft’s flagship OS Windows 10.

To be fair, Windows 10 has shown some weak points like systems freezing and performance drops that take their toll on essential software. But users will soon be forced to cross to Windows 10 after Microsoft announced that from January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will simply no longer be available for home users.

However, enterprise users will have the option to upgrade to extended security support for an annual fee of $200 per PC, in order to keep the system running. It’s not a small amount, by no means. It’s better than what home users have to resign to – they have no such option. Period.

Microsoft met the same resistance when they launched Windows 7, XP users being reluctant to update to the new version. This time around, it may be a simple case of stubbornness or users might simply not have the right hardware to run Windows 10 on.

Either way, change is coming and it’s coming fast.

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