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The Iconic Fisher Price Toy Telephone Is Now Actually A Real Phone, Costs $60

The tech gift we didn’t know we wanted until we saw it! Remember the Fisher Price toy telephone you played with as a kid? Or perhaps, dreamed of playing with ]when you saw kids with it?

The iconic Fisher Price Chatter Telephone has been a part of people’s childhoods for 60 years and, to celebrate the anniversary, the company is launching a real phone!

What you see is a real Chatter Telephone capable of making phone calls.

It’s a $60 smartphone accessory with Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries that you can keep in your home and smile whenever someone’s calling you.

It also keeps the features that made it such an iconic toy, from the functional rotary dial to rolling eyes.

Want to make a call on the new Chatter telephone? Pick up the handset and dial someone’s number, number by number, on the rotary dial – just like in the old days! Someone’s calling you? Just pick up the handset and start talking. 

There’s even a speakerphone button, so you could say this is one feature-packed gadget.

You can pre-order it today on BestBuy (it’s an exclusive there) for just $60. If you’re looking for a great toy for this holiday season, this might do the trick.

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The Iconic Fisher Price Toy Telephone Is Now Actually A Real Phone, Costs $60

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