The Leaked BlackBerry Ghost Is Gorgeous, Looks Promising
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The Leaked BlackBerry Ghost Is Gorgeous, Looks Promising


BlackBerry Limited, once popular for its smartphones with physical keyboards, is far from gone! A leak via famous reporter Evan Blass shows the new Blackberry Ghost, a device with really thin bezels, borders between a phone’s frame and screen, and no keyboard. #mobilemagic

According to Blass, the leaked BlackBerry Ghost with its gorgeous bezel-less design will be produced by Indian company Optiemus. This follows BlackBerry’s recent trend of licensing its brand to other companies. However, this also means that the BlackBerry Ghost will only be available in India. For BlackBerry customers around the world, we know for sure that more BlackBerry devices are in the pipeline.

BlackBerry Mobile, a subdivision of the Chinese TCL, also licenses the BlackBerry name and in recent months has sold the flagship BlackBerry KeyOne. Their representatives are at the 2018 Mobile World Congress to promise big things for the brand. Francois Mahieu has told journalists that BlackBerry Mobile hopes to capture more than 3% of the market for their premium phones. However, according to analysts, the BlackBerry KeyOne has shipped just 850.000 units last year. This figure is a drop in the bucket compared to HMD Global’s 4.4 million Nokia-branded phones and a drop in the ocean compared to Apple’s 1 million phones sold per day at the end of 2017.   

The future might look a bit grim for BlackBerry smartphones, but it’s good to see that BlackBerry is trying to reinvent its brand. The BlackBerry Ghost might be a revival.

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