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The New Dyson 360 Vis Nav Robot Vacuum Claims It Has “Twice the Suction” Of Any Other Robot Vacuum

dyson 360 vis nav edge cleaning

A tall claim or simply what Dyson fans would expect from the brand?

Dyson announced a new robot vacuum, the Dyson 360 Vis Nav, and claims this one has “twice the suction” of any other robot vacuum on the market. The real star of the announcement though? Dyson implemented a cool feature that lets the robot vacuum actually clean the edges of walls. But more on that later, let’s see some numbers first.

To achieve this, Dyson increased the motor speed of their previous model, the Dyson 360 Eye, from 78,000 RPM to 110,000 RPM, this increase being responsible for that unparalleled suction power.

Since most Dyson vacuums are advertised for their powerful suction (can attest to the handheld vacuums being super powerful) and robot vacuums in general kinda sucking on that front (pun intended), Dyson’s news is very good news for any pet owner.

As someone with more cats than common sense, it’s great to see a powerful robot vacuum enter the market. I was and still am happy with Xiaomi’s robot vacuum and Ecovacs’ specialized robot vacuum / mop combo but since the fur babies keep on shedding, our family needs to keep on upgrading. 

Hopefully the Dyson 360 Vis Nav will also work great on other fronts, namely navigation and dust collection.

Dyson says the 360 Vis Nav brush bar has a triple action effect, combining nylon for hard floors, anti-static carbon fiber filaments for dust and nylon bristles for carpet surfaces. I was mentioning before an even more interesting feature of the Dyson Vis Nav, so let’s take a look at it.

Dyson implemented a clever way for the robot vacuum to do edge cleaning, something most robots tend to suck at.

“Automatically cleans edges and corners. One of the biggest challenges for any robot. Solved. Sensors detect the edges of a room to redirect suction through a side-actuator. The D-shaped body and full-width front-mounted brush bar help it reach into corners,” says the company.

It’s also worth noting that the Dyson 360 Vis Nav is a slim robot vacuum, fitting under any furniture raised more than 99mm, which is another important aspect when buying any robot vacuum.

You can see the rest of the specs here but so far Dyson hasn’t released any price for the Dyson 360 Vis Nav. Knowing the company and owning some of their devices, I don’t expect the price to be reasonable – but at least the device is powerful!

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