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The World’s Biggest Solar Plant Will Change Morocco

More than 1 million families in Morocco will see environmental change happening under their roof by 2018. The world’s largest solar plant has just been switched on in those arid lands.

Noor Concentrated Solar Power takes advantage of the natural landscape and climate to concentrate and storage solar power that can be used on cloudy days and nights. It’s a radical change for a country who uses fossil fuels for 97% of its total energy and it is for their best. If everything goes according to plan, Noor will reduce carbon emission by 760,000 tons per year! This is an estimate based on the current capacity limit of 160 megawatts, but in two years it might expand to more than 500 MW.

The numbers only strengthen the belief that about 1.1 million people will survive on solar energy in the next 2 years. The end goal for Morocco is to take about 43% of is energy from renewable sources by 2020 – it may seem bold but all those people deserve a better standard of living.


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