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Cuter Than Wall-E Home Robot Can Do Whatever You Want


… by “whatever you want”, I mean within certain limits.

Robit is Wall-E’s cuter, more modern version. At $329 this home robot is a Raspberry Pi with wheels, extra sensors and a friendly expresion. It’s not meant to be a state-of-the-art product, but a simple, budget-friendly solution. Expect Wi-Fi connection that allows you to control it from anywhere with Internet availability, a quad-core computer, on-board camera to see where you’re heading and decent battery life.


You can tell him to guard the door like a good doggie or do the macarena like here.  The beauty of it resides in the open-source code that gives you control over his future. Basically, if you love tinkering all day, you can make him do whatever you want because he’s programmable. Simply write scripts for movement in a web browser or, if you’re really skilled, create apps to recognize faces.

Depending on the success of the crowdfunding campaign, Robit will get to be your next family member or not.

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