There's Now A Charging Pad That Works Without Having to Remove Your PopSocket!

There’s Now A Charging Pad That Works Without Having to Remove Your PopSocket!

poppower wireless charging for popsockets ces 2020

Among the wonders of CES like toilet paper robots or modular gaming desktops there’s something that could truly help you on the daily.

Well, if you use a PopSocket that is!

The makers of the original PopSockets just debuted the PopPower Home, their own Qi-enabled wireless charging pad.

This way, you can charge your phone wireless, without having to remove your PopSocket.

The PopPower home has 15W of power and offers fast-charging but, before launching your order, you should know that there is some fine print.

It only works with classic PopSocket Grips so, if you’re sporting something flashier, maybe consider going back to the basics.

The PopPower wireless charging mat won’t work with PopGrips made of metal or with those PopGrip Lips that conveniently hold lip balm as well.

But, if you do have a regular PopSocket on your phone, the PopPower Home will do the trick.

It’s already available for $60, in three color options: plain white, colorful or black and white with a geometric pattern.

If It Has a Camera, We Know Something About It.

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