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These Galaxy Watch 4 x Sami Miró Bands Are Made Out Of Apple Peels

Sustainable, attractive and with a yummy factor! The latest Galaxy Watch 4 watch bands score high in every one of these aspects because they’re made out of apple peels.

The limited edition watch bands for the Galaxy Watch 4 are made in collaboration with Sami Miró, a fashion designer known for their love of upcycled materials.

Two of the bands, the Midnight Black and Stratus Sky, are the ones actually made of 100 percent apple peel skin “recovered from the fruit industry.”

sami miro galaxy watch 4 bands

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The other four designs, Cloud Navy, Earth Sunrise, Dawn Atlas and Aurora Night, are made out of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which, according to Samsung, is recyclable.

Still, TPU is not one of the most sustainable or eco-friendly materials so, if you want to show support for Samsung’s initiative and get yourself an apple peel band, go for the first two options – the regular black or the grey with the subtle floral motifs.

“Sami’s designs juxtapose the beauty of nature with the beauty of technology. The collection, which includes three watch faces and six watch bands made from apple peels and other post-consumer waste, is designed to convey the liberty of individual sartorial expression using a flower roots, leaves and vines motif. The designs remind us that we are one with the earth and all life,” says Samsung.

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The bands are available today starting at $39.99 and they’ll be joined by three free watch faces you can find in the Google Play Store.

sami miro galaxy 4 watch faces

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These Galaxy Watch 4 x Sami Miró Bands Are Made Out Of Apple Peels
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