These New Emojis for iOS 15.4 Are a Blast

Tired of the red heart, wow emoji or the grimace one? You’re not alone. That’s why it’s Apple’s job to entertain their users and release a new batch of emojis with almost every iOS update. With iOS 15.4, a series of really fun ones were introduced and it’s a pity if you don’t start using them ASAP.

It’s time to up your emoji game and beat those winter blues. A couple of sexy, emotional and downright dramatic emojis just released by Apple could come in handy.

Every time you feel extra, you’ll be able to reply to a horrible blunder with a “once you see it, you can’t unsee it” emoji.

You will find the tearful, barely-hanging-there emoji especially useful when sharing a story with a great Queer Eye moment. Or, if you need to elevate your dating game, a Iip-biting mouth emoji should do the job.

As for the new melting face emoji, I guess that could work every time you share a cute video of babies or puppies.

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Of course, new faces are not the only emojis released. With iOS 15.4, Apple prepared emoji disco balls, crutches, bubbles and wavy slides.

What’s your favorite new emoji?

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