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This AGM Glory Pro Rugged Phone Can Basically Be Abused Without Any Scratches, Works Even At -40°

A really loud phone you can hear even when operating heavy machinery. An industry-leading thermal camera. Can handle temperatures of even -40° and basically any abuse you can think of, short of throwing it in a volcano. 

The AGM Glory Pro is one of the best rugged phones we found, with a specs list that makes it the ideal industrial phone. Or, you know, the best phone for clumsy people, if you know someone who really needs help keeping their phone scratch-free.

This device is IP68, IP69K & MIL-STD-810H certified, so it can handle the most extreme work environments.

Plus, the AGM Glory Pro has the loudest speaker in a smartphone yet, coming in at 3.5w and up to 110 decibels, louder than an alarm.

agm glory pro

It has a Sony 48MP main camera, a 20MP infrared night camera and a thermal imaging camera with superb performance. 

Based on a rugged phone comparison, the Glory Pro has  twice the resolution and half the reaction time than the other thermal imaging phones in the market. At around the $800 price point, it’s a very competitive choice for tough phones, especially if you care about battery life.

agm glory battery comparison

Take a look at the rest of the AGM Glory Pro specs and see if it works for you:

•-27°C Low-Temperature Working

• Qualcomm Octa-Core + + 8GB RAM +128/256GB Rom 

• 5G Frequency Bands

• Thermal Imaging Camera

• Sony 48MP main camera + 20MP infrared night camera

• 40 meters laser ranging

• IP68, IP69K & MIL-STD-810H durability rating

• 3.5w speaker and dual mic noise cancellation

• 6200mAh Long Lasting Battery with desk charging dock and wireless charging available

Find it here.

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This AGM Glory Pro Rugged Phone Can Basically Be Abused Without Any Scratches, Works Even At -40°
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