This Gadget Lets You Talk And Text On Your Phone When There’s No Signal

You went camping with your bros for a Bear Grylls kind of weekend. No signal, no emails, no visits to the in-laws. After a first couple of hours of freedom, one of your buddies went to search for firewood, another took his fishing kit and went off to indulge in one of his favorite hobbies. It’s getting cold and you should start a fire, but how can you contact them when there’s no reception? Beartooth might help.


We’re not making any distasteful reference to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar movie, but suggest using a gadget that connects to your iOS or Android device. All you need is the corresponding app and Bluetooth to turn it into an instant walkie-talkie. If your buddies have one too, you can communicate with them through voice or text; it works in a five-mile line-of-sight radius for voice and 10 miles for text. Alternatively, there’s an NLOS range of 2 miles for voice, 4 miles for text.

Even if your friends can’t respond at the moment, you get confirmation of the message delivery and you can find them on a map in real-time. Simply ask them to share their location and do the same, in return. Bonus: a battery pack with a 3,000mAh capacity.

You can pre-order it now for $99 or buy it when it hits online stores at double the price.

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