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This In-ear Trainer Uses AI To Turn You Into A Professional Athlete


You can get all the fitness apps you want, unless you have a personal trainer beside you, it won’t make a long-term difference. The steps to a fitter body might be the same, but only a human trainer can understand your needs and limits. That’s why few people can give up gyms and trainers entirely. Vi trainer might change that tendency, though; in the shape of a pair of in-ear headphones, the gadget uses artificial intelligence to understand a user’s needs and progress at every training session #objectmagic #machinemagic

Vi (Voice Interactive) earbuds are “awearables”, a type of gadget that uses AI to learn more about the user at every workout, customizing the training sessions accordingly. Using sensors, it can measure energy levels, detecting the body’s limits and suggesting optimal rest times. After you switch them on, they immediately start collecting crucial data about your body, using sensors, and even suggest scientifically-backed motivating beats to help you get through your running or cardio sesh.

In the end, LifeBeam, the team behind the Voice Interactive trainer, hopes their tech will act like a professional trainer so you can run better and burn fat as effectively as athletes.


Vi earbuds’ battery lasts for more than 8 hours and the subsequent app works with iOS and Android. They will soon be on Kickstarter so stay tuned here. 

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Johnny Wilcoxen

    October 9, 2016 at 12:45 pm

    Some tactics, like using white noise to help divert you, and avoiding loud noises, can be safely used by anyone. But a few of years after, it not only stayed—it acquired worse. Nevertheless what happens to the telltale actions when there appears to be something completely wrong with our ears.

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