This Metal Foam Obliterates Bullets As Only Superman Could

Ironman braved bullets like a champion but Superman rejected them as if they were watermelons splashing on the ground. We never thought we would see such superhuman abilities in real life, but this metal foam material can obliterate bullets like there’s no tomorrow #objectmagic

The ultra-tough composite metal foam (CMF) is North Carolina State University engineer, Afsaneh Rabiei, accomplishment who has been working on a powerful material to reinforce armour, vehicles, but also spacecrafts and even be of use in the medical field. As you can see in the video above, the CMF turns bullets to dust on impact. That’s a feat in itself, of course, but add to that the fact that the material is lighter than metal plating and it makes it ideal for military purposes.

CMF can absorb up to 70% of the kinetic energy of a projectile like M2, bullets leaving just a 8 mm identation in the latest tests, says Rabiei, a lot less than the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)’ required maximum of 44 mm. Plus, the material developed is non-toxic, so it can be recycled.

If you’re curios how this superfoam became reality, the engineering team mixed hollow beads of one metal with a sold matrix of another one, like steel and aluminum.

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