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Toyota And Intel Partner Up To Develop Connected Cars Ecosystem

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Working together, not against each other, seems to be the best strategy. At least that’s what tech and car companies have been encouraging of late, creating powerful alliances. The last is between Toyota and Intel #automagic

Toyota teamed up with Intel to create a connected cars ecosystem. The two companies are convinced that by sharing data from driverless vehicles, they can develop better maps and driving systems that rely on cloud computing. The two powerful corporations are also backed up by  Ericsson, Denso Corp (Japanese auto parts-maker) and  NTT DoCoMo.

It’s not the first time Toyota partners up with a tech company, though. In May, the car maker announced its agreement with Nvidia; they asked for their help in regards with the computing platform used on the Toyota autonomous cars. The Drive PX supercomputer is supposed to handle the technology. In regards to the moment when Toyota will deploy its first fleet of autonomous cars… nothing is sure, although it should happen in the next couple of years.

Other companies that have realized they need support to achieve their goals are Renault and Nissan and Waymo. Alphabet’s autonomous car company has taken an interest in what Lyft has to say and GM is following in its footsteps doing the exact same thing.

With a bit of luck, in less than 10 years, the shared data between the cars and cloud will be 10,000 times bigger than in the present, believes Toyota.

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