Toyota Introduces Its 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Robots


Toyota’s logo will be seen far and wide all across the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games venues, as the company will be playing an important role in the mobile and transportation infrastructure of the Games.

It has already unveiled the APM electric shuttle, which will be moving spectators and athletes around but Toyota has a few other aces up its sleeves that aim to wow the crowds: robots. 

Toyota Reveals 2020 Olympic Games Electric Shuttle

To begin with, Toyota has created the Tokyo 2020 Mascot Robot Miraitowa. Miraitowa will first and foremost introduce the athletes and the guests to the official venues and will also be able to recognize them thanks to the camera on its head. 

The robot features miniature joints all across its body and this will allow it to be flexible when controlled via remote-location.

The T-HR3 on the other hand, is a bit more Terminator-like in appearance but don’t worry – he’s completely harmless. This humanoid robot will function as a proxy for other guests who are in remote locations and will allow them to interact with the athletes. 

The T-HR3 will provide images and sounds from wherever they are and will allow the guests who are away and unable to attend even to high-five the athletes and speak to them. 

The T-TR1 robot works in a similar way to its more humanoid-looking counterpart, just that it only features a camera on top of a life-size display. That display will allow guests who are in remote locations to visit the venues and attend the events virtually. 

Toyota is betting a lot on accessibility for the 2020 Games and its Human Support Robot and Delivery Support Robot machines will be at the forefront of that effort. They will help the guests to their seats, bring them light meals and other goods, in order to allow them to enjoy the games and worry less about other details, especially in the case of the spectators who have mobility issues. 

The Delivery Support Robot will be in charge of the drinks and goods and will deliver them to the spectators who have ordered them via a dedicated tablet. 

These robots are expected to serve over 1,000 spectators who require mobility assistance. 

Last but not least, Toyota created the Field Support Robot, who will be part of the throwing event operations that will take place at the Olympic Stadium. 

The robot will follow the operating staff on a path that avoids any obstacles and will be retrieving and conveying the items at the throwing event. 

We don’t know yet if Toyota will only have these five robots present during the Games or if the company is working on others but even if they are not, we’re now anticipating the 2020 Olympic Games for both the athletic feats as well as for the robotic staff that will truly turn the event into an unique experience.

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