Uber Introduces New Dial-A-Cab Service

Currently in testing, Uber’s new feature lets you call for a ride as you would for a taxi. The service, called 1-833-USE-UBER, was designed for older adults and people who don’t have smartphones.

The feature is running in Arizona cities as a pilot program and the way this works is pretty straight forward. Users dial 1-833-USE-UBER, after which they are connected to a live person that will confirm the request and provide a price quotation. Riders then give their name and credit card, which can be saved for future trips. After that, while waiting for the ride, users will receive text message updates about the driver’s ETA, car make and model, name and license plate.

“It was designed with older adults in mind, though our hope is anyone preferring conversational support will benefit from this pilot. We built it based on feedback from older adults who told us the live conversations, and simplicity of experience can make a difference for their transportation needs,” an Uber said in a statement about the new service.

There is no need for an Uber account to use the service, from the first call made, you are automatically registered. Uber X, Uber Black, or Uber Assist are also available with this feature.

For the past year, Uber has been extending its services to welcome more users. Uber Pet is for people traveling with their four-legged friends and Uber Ski will get riders in snowier regions cars equipped to carry skis or snowboards.

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