Uber Is Coming Out: Self-Driving Test Car Wanders On Pittsburgh’s Streets


After opening its Advanced Technology Center in Pittsburgh over a year ago, Uber has been making small steps at entering the driverless car movement. Until recently, we had no idea how was the project coming along, if there’s a project at all. But Uber put our worries to rest, confirming that the camera-equipped Ford Fusion locals had seen in the last couple of weeks, is indeed their first self-driving car #automagic

The car is collecting mapping data, the company writes on their blog,  as well as testing the self-driving mode. In the second case, there’s always a trained driver in the driving seat monitoring the system. Uber’s smart car is equipped with cameras, lasers and sensors, so it can see as far as 100 metres, in any direction.

The company chose the city as testing ground since there you can find “snowy and rainy weather, narrow and hilly streets, and outdated infrastructure.” In those conditions, Uber’s autonomous vehicle rode smoothly so far, registering zero crashes.

“In the future we believe this technology will mean less congestion, more affordable and accessible transportation, and far fewer lives lost in car accidents”

There’s still much to do until Uber can release its self-driving cars on the streets, though. The good part is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is working on legislation for self-driving cars and believes they can have a first version in July. So, in late summer, companies like Google, Lyft, Volvo and Ford will have the chance to step up their game and bring the best to the market.

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