Uber Working On Staff On-Demand Service


Uber seems to want to become a jack-of-all-trades in the near future – the company, mostly known for their ride-hailing and food delivery services is currently testing an on-demand staffing service.

What does it mean?

Uber Works wants to recruit short-term workers from various fields ranging from guards to waiters to cater to events on a short-term basis.

Apparently, the company ran simulations months ago in Chicago and Los Angeles and now it’s pushing up recruitment efforts. The job listings show that the company is searching for people who are available on call during nights, weekends and holidays and who express a strong interest in the on-demand labor market.

The platform will work in a very similar way to the Uber transportation app – contractors will browse local staff and pick up the roles they need.

Uber has currently not made any official statements regarding the project.

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