UK Startup Launches AI Chatbot to Help Cybercrime Victims

UK Startup Launches AI Chatbot to Help Cybercrime Victims

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When it comes to cybercrime, these past years’ technological advances made it more profitable for cybercriminals and wannabe hackers to target companies and organizations.

However, as most large enterprises usually have the cybersecurity budget to keep themselves safe, the big victims are usually average Joes like you and me, not to mention small businesses, NGOs and other small organizations with older devices and not much time to invest in proper online security.

Now, UK startup Greenshoot Labs just launched a platform to help them keep themselves secure and figure out the extent of the damage after a cyberattack.

The so-called “The Cyber Helpline” is a platform that uses an AI chatbot to talk to cybercrime victims and learn, from natural language not cybersecurity slang, what type of attacks they encountered. Best of all? It’s entirely free.

“The first thing we needed to understand is how people report and describe these crimes; we wanted to make a system that allowed people to provide as much detail as possible in the most natural way, whilst ensuring privacy as the utmost priority.

Only if a user decides to ask the chatbot to introduce them to a volunteer cybersecurity expert for further help it will ask for a first name, phone number and email address to help solve the issue,” says Greenshot Labs.

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Even though it’s been recently deployed, Greenshoot Labs says that up to 80% of cases are now solved by the Cyber Helpline chatbot, an impressive feat for machine learning and a result that surprised even its designers.

“We are delighted with the results from the initial public release. Around 80% of our enquiries are now being successfully handled by the chatbot allowing the remaining 20% of more complex cases to be handled by our cyber security experts – it’s a way higher proportion than we initially envisaged,” said Rory Ines, Greenshoot Labs’ CEO.

So, if you, unfortunately, caught some malware on your laptop or even worse, your files got encrypted by ransomware, visit the Cyber Helpline and take free security advice from their AI-powered chatbot.

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