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This Ultrathin Display Could Show Your Vital Signs On Your Skin

flexible skin display researchers

Remember a display so thin that it almost becomes one with the skin? Well, this one is capable of stretching more than 45%, following the curves of the human body.

This skin display could one day be connected to a host of health wearables and show your vital signs directly on your skin.

It’s made of microLEDs connected by stretchable wiring and mounted on a rubber sheet. Because of the flexibility, researchers say this display can last up to a week on your skin without causing inflammation.

Its creators, researchers at the University of Tokyo and Dai Nippon Printing, have already hooked it up to an electrocardiogram to show heartbeats in real time.

Even moreso, the system is also connected to a wireless communication module. “With this, even in home care settings, you can achieve seamless sharing of medical data with home doctors, who then would be able to communicate back to their patients,” Takao Someya, one of its creators, told AFP.

By now, we’ve seen nanoscale wearable tech that goes like a tattoo on your skin and on the skin patch capable of talking to smartphones.

All of this #objectmagic could be here sooner than you think! Dai Nippon Printing hopes to bring this skin display to the market within 3 years.

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