Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Is the Next Generation Home Security Gadget

The Outdoor Camera Pro recently announced by Vivint Smart Home goes beyond your usual security camera. The gadget can identify potential intruders around your house and push them away with a warning.

Specifically, when someone is in the monitored area, the device sends an alarm tone, followed by a visual warning – a red LED around the camera’s lens. In seconds, it follows with a notification to your smartphone.

Users can choose to personalize the camera’s schedule, in order to receive notifications about the movements around the house only when they want to.

The outdoor security camera features a 4K HDR image sensor, which is outfitted with low bandwidth requirements, since it is streaming film in 1080p resolution. The higher-resolution image sensor is best used when zooming the recorded footage to inspect details such as facial features or other tracking signs of the intruder.

Thanks to its AI equipment, the device is able to tell the difference between people, animals, and objects but fails to offer facial identification.

Outdoor Camera Pro comes with 140-degree field of view, night vision and it works in tandem with the 7-inch HD display from the Vivint Smart Hub control panel.

The security home system from Vivint starts from $600, without a professional installation, and can go up to $799 with the additional cost of $199.

For other $30 per month, you get 24/7 professional monitoring and monthly continuous video cloud storage on a five-year contract.

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