Vivo Phones: Most Durable Screens In The Industry?



If you work in an office or in any place with more than two people gathered in one place, look around and you will find at least one coworker that has a phone with a scratched or cracked screen. Regardless of how good the screen protectors nowadays are, while they still offer a level of protection for the screens of our smartphones, they still become unpleasant to the eye following, say, falls.

However, a new type of glass, which is, for the time being, to be used on Vivo smartphones, might be changing that.

The German manufacturer Schott might have found a solution to the pesky cracks and scratches on the smartphone screens by developing a shatterproof display glass. 

Of course, you’ll think: yeah, that sounds pretty cool but how exactly did they achieve that?
Well, Schott developed a new type of  glass, which works in the same way as a protective film and can be used not only on the display panel but also on the back of the device. 

The new type of glass, which Schott calls “Xensation α”, differs from other protective smartphone  glasses thanks to one ingredient: instead of being made up of just lithium and aluminum, the Xensation glass also added semi-metal boron into the mix. 

This combination is supposed to make this glass more scratch-resistant than the ones we currently have available on the market. 

According to Schott, this makes the glass “less susceptible to scratches than commercially available aluminosilicate (AS) and lithium aluminosilicate (LAS) cover glass types, as Knoop-diamond indenter lab tests show.”

In the videos below, you can see the scratch tests as well as how the glass performed when a smartphone was dropped from a height of over 1.70m, as well as a staircase, which further demonstrates its strength and durability. 

Schott has previously protected the vivo X60 Pro and vivo X70 Pro with its innovative glass protection and The Oppo Watch and Honor Play 5 also feature the glass.

While we don’t know which Vivo smartphones will get the Xensation glass treatment, we’ll most likely see the smartphone manufacturer adding them to the Vivo Nex series and other devices from the company that will be making an appearance at some point in 2022. 


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Vivo Phones: Most Durable Screens In The Industry?

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