YOU VR App Lets Users See How Diseases Affect The Human Body

you vr app

Understanding human anatomy is crucial for all of us, whether we intend to go to medical school or we just want to live a healthy, long life. Yet, words are sometimes not enough to help us make connections between organs, different tissues and eventually, the culprits that are making us feel sick. So, one company came up YOU VR, a virtual reality app that can help users see up close how each part of the human body works and when does it fail to function normally #realitymagic

YOU VR app is a window to our inner selves. Not in the spiritual sense of the words, but in the rawest form. This software platform enables us to see inside the human body, thanks to an anatomically accurate 3D model. With a VR headset on, you can navigate through it, seeing how parts of us connect or watching, up close, how certain organs function. The program lets you simulate, in real time, a disease so you can see how it affects the body. Alternatively, you can choose to see how the human body reacts to a fixed treatment.   

BioLucid, the developer of YOU VR app, says that users can even personalize the experience. They can increase different parameters, like the heart rate, and the severity of a disease. In this way, medical students can see how the illness evolves and what are the effects of it, in different stages. With the press of a button, an user can go inside of an organ, studying the cells, or rotate it at 360°.

The app is available to healthcare companies, staff and educational institutions. Doctors can understand a case better by using it at work or explain to patients why is a condition affecting them in such a way. Meanwhile, medical students can learn better by visualizing an aspect of the human anatomy.

Although the YOU VR app offers a more immersive and interactive experience, users can opt for a PC or iPad version. 

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