VR Shakespeare – The Tempest Coming To Oculus

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Available for Rift and Oculus platforms, for a limited time, you can get a ticket to the Tempest. A theatrical adventure led by live professional actors! Inspired by Shakespeare’s famed maritime tale, the user will be cast directly into the show, perform magic with the actor Prospero, and together, create a timeless story of love and revenge. 

Hot on the trail of last year The Under Presentsthe virtual reality theatre presents a form of interactive storytelling where sometimes live actors appear to cooperate with the player. Tender Claws, the studio responsible for the experience, has announced a new show that takes the previous concept and expands it in a more fantastic direction. With William Shakespeare’s The Tempest within The Under Presents, the studio crafted a story where the player will perform the narrative supposed to be executed by Prospero in the stage show. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, their in-person performance was canceled.

As a result, the adventure has been reworked and now has a new form that will surpass previous experiences. Tickets for The Under Presents: Tempest go on sale starting July 9th, with daily showings until the end of September. 

Considering a single ticket holds a price of $15 US, and includes perks like access to the games multiplayer, and you can play a demo of the base game, on top of the VR experience, the deal is not that bad. Curiously, there is no guarantee, if you bought double tickets, to be matched in the same experience, ensuring a unique experience on a user by user basis. The studio designed the game to match each ticket holder with five to seven separate audience fragments and a single actor performer, and Tender Claws claims that performances will not resemble each order in the slidest.  

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