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5 Ways To Take Advantage Of Blue Hour In Photography


Golden hour gives a sweet, soft feel to your photos but have you ever shot at blue hour? Just before sunrise and before sunset, you can catch a cool, mystical light that won’t give you trouble in matters of shadows and highlights. For 20 to 40 minutes, you will see the sky in shades of blue and purple, hence the name. #fotomagic

To really take advantage of everything this time of day has to offer, take into account these tricks:

  1. Set your camera in Shutter Priority Mode. You need to manually adjust the shutter so you get enough light during this time of day. You’ll see great results if it’s anywhere between 1-6 seconds but take a couple of experimental shots before you set your eyes on the subject.
  2. If you’re just finding out about blue hour photography, set your camera to save RAW picture format. You will want to edit them later, probably adjust the exposure compensation, until you figure out the perfect combo for shooting.
  3. You’ll often see electrical lights captured in blue hour photos – lamps, shop lights – sit in their proximity to get some drama in your shots. That said, putting your camera too near the light could cause lens flare, so don’t go overboard.
  4. Avoid blurry photos caused by camera shake working with a tripod and remote or self-timed shutter release.
  5. Experiment with cityscapes, bridges and marinas before you get creative.

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