WhatsApp’s Recent Update Gives Us Hope

After dropping a bomb on us and receiving backlash from everyone – media, users, tech titans – WhatsApp has made an announcement that gives us hope.

If you haven’t heard the latest, WhatsApp stated they would share even more data than they already did with Facebook. Of course, everyone went crazy at the news! Another privacy issue?!

Because, for many, it doesn’t even matter what type of data WhatsApp wants to share but just the fact that they are requesting extra info to share with a social platform. 

There’s another update that you have to dodge. 

So, lots of users got fed up with giving and giving and only receiving some feeble features. They deleted their accounts and went to Signal and Telegram.

We’re talking about an exodus. Millions that could have been used for advertising purposes by Facebook left overnight.  

Facebook got spooked and soon enough, WhatsApp started a campaign to set things straight. They tried explaining the extra data they will share concerns only chats with brands and that they can’t actually access messages and calls between individuals. 

And guess what?

That didn’t help. At least not as much as WhatsApp was hoping. So, WhatsApp backtracked. The latest announcements from them said the update would be pushed back three months (until May).

Surprising? Not really, as they’re probablt giving people time to calm down and ultimately resign to their fate. All the while, WhatsApp can sprinkle some new features and hope users will think they’ve compromised. And compromise is good, right?

And the rest… the people who believe “enough is enough” will jump ship and land on another, more secure messaging app. Like Signal. 

As a matter of fact, Signal has seen such success, it doesn’t know what to do with it! Check the video above to understand the overwhelming changes Signal is going through right now!

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