Who Is the Best Legend in Apex Legends? How to Choose Characters

apex legends characters

Given the array of characters in Apex Legends, choosing the best Legend is quite a task. You want a top-tier character that shifts the balance of power in your favor. 

There’s a difference between Apex Legends and Fortnite characters, with each game holding its realm of popularity. Below, you’ll find the best Apex Legends characters for beginners. 

We also explain the prowess of each character.

Who is the best Apex Legends character?

Who is the best Apex Legend’s character for offensive play?


Wraith is one of the best Legends in Apex for offensive play. Her Tactical, Into the Void ability, makes her invisible for a few seconds. You can use this to initiate and escape fights unnoticed.

However, she can be challenging to master because of her playfulness and quick-second decisions.

But, if you master Wraith, you essentially have the best legend in Apex.


Bangalore comes close second to Wraith. Her Passive is her best ability. It allows you to engage enemies and reposition in seconds in the thick of it.

To master Bangalore, learn how to use her Smoke Launcher. It provides cover to revive a teammate and lets you close in on an enemy and escape tight spots.

Who is the best Apex Legend’s character for defensive play?


Gibby is a must-have in defensive play. His Dome Shield is a lifesaver for you and your teammates, and his Ultimate ability can zone your enemies away. 

Gibraltar is on the Apex characters tier list because he has the most versatile skill set ever. His nearly impenetrable during engagements thanks to his Passive, Gun Shield. 

Similarly, his Defensive Bombardment abilities are vital to winning.


An experienced Caustic player makes all the difference in your team. His Nox Gas is dangerous as enemies caught in it get damaged over time. 

Thanks to his Nox Vision Passive, he can also see enemies within the toxic cloud. This comes in handy when attacking enemies unnoticed. 

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Which Apex Legend character is the best for support?


Despite many underestimating Loba, she is the best apex legends character in 2023 for support. With her, your team will always have equipment, ammo, and guns, which is a huge deal-breaker in a game. 

You can also use her Tactical, Burglar’s Best Friend, to reposition in the heat of fire.


Lifeline is the only healer in Apex Legends roaster. This makes her a valuable support character for your team. She can heal teammates and bring them back from death.

You’ll need Lifeline for revival and healing during combat.

Who is the best Apex Legend’s character for recon and scouting?


Seer’s scan abilities make him the best legend in Apex for recon and scouting. He can reveal much more information about enemies, including their health and armor bars.

Your team can use this to select which targets to prioritize and decide when to push.

His Ultimate, Exhibit ability uses micro-drones to reveal enemies in a larger spherical area when they sprint or shoot their weapons. Since this can be destroyed, knowing how to throw it in a location that enemies can’t spot is crucial.

Seer also excels in detecting enemies in the backlines and taking them out. But he lacks abilities to escape, so you must be careful. 


Bloodhound is a popular recon and scout character and OG legend. Their Tactical ability ensures you can scan the area for enemies, which is useful in detecting and hunting them down.

Bloodhound also reveals the location of nearby enemy traps, and you can use his abilities for both defensive and offensive play.

What are the best starter characters in Apex Legends?

The best Apex Legends characters for beginners are:

  • Bloodhound: He’s easy to master, and his scan abilities are crucial to revealing enemies, traps, and clues.
  • Loba: Her teleporting abilities are a “free get out of jail card.” This way, when you’re under fire as a starter, you can quickly escape.
  • Caustic: His toxic gas can be used around entrances to get the drop on enemy squads.
  • Lifeline: Her healing abilities come in handy to revive and heal teammates.


So, who’s the best overall Apex Legends character?

Bloodhound is the best. He’s an OG and can be used for offensive and defensive play.

He can track where enemies have been, see enemies in a Bright red vision, and scan for enemies around his area. Thanks to Bloodhound’s nature as a tracker, he makes a perfect leader for squads in Apex Legends. His kit and abilities can be used to engage in combat and continuously find and engage foes. 

Bloodhound can also identify minute movements in the map that no one else can access, making him a force to reckon with. If you’re looking for an all-round character with proven abilities, Bloodhound is your best choice.

Additionally, if you’re having issues running the game, learn how to lower high CPU usage on Apex Legends.

Article contributed by Milos Djordjevic

About the author: Milos Djordjevic is an online privacy expert at VPNCentral. He helps organizations and individuals to stay secure in an increasingly complex digital world.

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