Will Smith Deepfake, Impressive in Rap Music Video

The Prince of Bel-Air might not do much rapping this days but that doesn’t mean he can’t show up (in)voluntarily in music videos. Even if it’s just thanks to a very impressive deepfake.

Kendrick Lamar came out with his “The Heart Part 5” music video where multiple celebrities show up… in deepfake form.

While Lamar is the one actually spitting bars, the superimposed faces on Kendrick’s body makes it look as if they’re all taking turns at the mic.

The seamless transitions take the story from Kanye and OJ Simpson to Will Smith and ever Kobe Bryant.

Behind the impressive deepfakes is studio Deep Voodoo, started by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

The lyrics and different faces represent various aspects of a common voice while the direction of the video can be attributed to Kendrick and Dave Free. 

Check out the full video below and tell us if that’s not an incredible feat:

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Will Smith Deepfake, Impressive in Rap Music Video
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