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Photographer Recovers $7,000 of Stolen Gear Thanks to AirTag

Photography and videography gear can be extremely expensive and for folks working in the field carrying it everywhere presents a high risk. One Australian photographer found this out when $7,000 worth of gear was stolen; fortunately, he was able to recover it thanks to this Apple gadget.

Graham Tait, a Sydney, Australia-based photographer, was shocked to see that his professional gear was missing from his car, while parked near his hotel during one of his travels.

We’re not talking about a few trinkets but $7,000 worth of gear, by the way. Thankfully, his gear was properly accessorised – with Apple AirTags.

“My car was broken into whilst we were travelling in the Flinders Ranges last night and they took a laptop bag and camera – both of which had AirTags fitted,” the man told 9News.

The Apple trackers that made it to market last year were able to help Tait trace his missing gear. AirTags work with Find My app which is accessible from iPhone, iPad or Mac.

That’s how the eventually located them in a room in the hotel he was staying in. In the end, the photographer announced the police and was able to recover everything, from wallet to laptop and GoPro.

On travels, AirTags can do wonders for your peace of mind. But if you’re worried about your privacy, you’re not the only one.

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Of course, thieves can use them against you:

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Photographer Recovers $7,000 of Stolen Gear Thanks to AirTag
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