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Police Alert: Thieves Use Apple AirTags To Track Cars To Homes & Steal Them

Canadian Police issued a warning to car owners, saying that thieves are using Apple AirTags to track high-end vehicles.

According to York Regional Police, since September of this year, they have investigated five incidents in which car thieves added Apple AirTags to luxury cars while they were parked in public places, then tracked the vehicles to the owners’ homes to break into them.

As you know, AirTags are a popular method to find your missing keys or wallet, as they use Bluetooth to connect to Apple’s “Find My” feature and show you where you misplaced them.

In these types of attacks, the AirTags are placed by car lifters in “out-of-sight areas”, so the police advise vehicle owners to “inspect your vehicle regularly and call police if you notice any suspicious potential tracking devices.”

“Thieves typically use tools like screwdrivers to enter the vehicles through the driver or passenger door, while ensuring not to set off alarms. Once inside, an electronic device, typically used by mechanics to reprogram the factory setting, is connected to the onboard diagnostics port below the dashboard and programs the vehicle to accept a key the thieves have brought with them. Once the new key is programmed, the vehicle will start and the thieves drive it away,” explain the York Regional Police officers.

Apple AirTags Update Makes It Harder For People to Track You

Since it’s almost impossible to always scan your car to find a nook or cranny where a car thief might have hidden an AirTag (as you can see in the photo above), the police recommend multiple security measures to protect your vehicle.

The York Regional Police recommends parking cars in locked garages, installing locks on the car data ports to reduce risk of theft, installing cameras and, if possible, use steering wheel locks.

AirTags: How To Prevent Being Tracked

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Police Alert: Thieves Use Apple AirTags To Track Cars To Homes & Steal Them
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