Work It! SportsArts Verde Is A Treadmill That Powers Your Home

The mind goes directly to Black Mirror when looking at SportsArt’s announcement for CES 2019 but that’s a darker idea than what its makers had in mind.

Meet VERDE, the world’s first energy producing treadmill that harnesses your workouts to generate electricity.

The SportsArt VERDE treadmill uses an electromagnetic and mechanical braking system with a micro-inverter like the one found in wind turbines to generate up to 200 watt-hours of utility-grade electricity.

While running or working out, it shows you on the display how much energy you generated and also comes with an app showing you the stats and savings.

SportsArt says that ” up to 74 percent of the energy being produced is captured, converted and returned to the grid – reducing the user’s carbon footprint”, which is indeed an attractive proposition.

If sticking to your New Year’s resolution is hard, perhaps saving the planet could be a motivation?

And, should you want a different workout from running, SportsArt has plenty more options on its website, from ellipticals to cross-trainers.

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