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Wow! This ‘Deep Nostalgia’ AI Turns Old Photos Into Video Animations

Online genealogy company MyHeritage took Twitter by storm with this Deep Nostalgia AI tool, which turns old family pictures into animated videos.

The service creates videos from still photos, kind of like a reverse iPhone Live Photos – instead of taking a video to let you pick the best photo later on, the Deep Nostalgia AI makes a video out of a portrait photo.

According to MyHeritage, this free tool is meant to be used on photos of deceased family and loved ones, to help bring them to “life” a bit and satisfy nostalgia.

Of course, you can also use it on your own photos but be warned – the results can sometimes look creepy!

Other web users tried to push this Deep Nostalgia AI to its limits.

Twitter user @FlintDibble applied it to a mummy painting and got unsettling and realistic results, then went on to do more classical works.  

Is it just me or is Alexander flirting just a little bit?

We went ahead and tried it on the Mona Lisa to see if her eyes followed me across the room, but the Deep Nostalgia AI didn’t recognize a face. 

Perhaps that’s for the better, considering what this AI did to the Mona Lisa a while back.

We did love how the AI interpreted Marilyn Monroe and American Gothic looks like, though.

You can find the Deep Nostalgia AI yourself here – you just need to make a free account with MyHeritage.

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Wow! This ‘Deep Nostalgia’ AI Turns Old Photos Into Video Animations
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